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 Intel Locations

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PostSubject: Intel Locations   Fri May 14, 2010 3:10 pm


Located Right After Deadalus Escapes from his Holding. Right before
You meet up with Blake climb up the opposite catwalk and follow it
around until it reaches a dead end to find the intel document
containing a letter to blake from Lyle K. Parsons.


Located after you cross the broken bridge. You will want to follow
Blake into the underground bunker area BUT instead of following him
to the right continue forward to grab the piece of intel
containing Important details from General Archibald Solomon.

Intel Document 6 San Fransisco, California

Located Right after you learn about the furies in the water you should
head down a corridor with a few bunkers. Search the last bunker on the
right to find the intel document containing A report that
states all senitels must go under inhabitor treatments.

Intel Document 5 San Fransisco, California

Located when you're securing the moon pool doors. Its inside the Right
Control Room. It should be on the center circular panel. Just walk around
it and collect it to reveal the 4th intel document containing Aaron
Hawthorns Classified Information.

Intel Document 4 San Fransisco, California

Loctated Soon After the previous intel document. After the moon pool room
As soon as you exit the elevator. Search around among the dead to find
an intel document next to a fallen soldier. This intel document
contains Nathan Hale's Classified information

Intel Document 7 San Fransisco, California

Located When you collect the first pulse cannon. It is Very Hard to miss.
It is sitting on the center console of the room. Intel Document 7
contains a letter from Racheal Parker to Major Blake. Yes she is
the fine young women from The first resistance.

Intel Document 8 San Fransisco, California

Located before you start your way up onto the ramp that leads to the
VTOL. It is in an open area so it shouldnt be hard to miss. This
Piece of Intel contains Benjimen Warners Classified Information.

Intel Document 3 (where have you been?) San Fransisco, California

Located as you're evacuating the base, after you grab the inhibitors
in the cutscene. You'll be attacked by drones and hybrids, just
waste them and continue down the green tinted hallway. It should
Be inbetween two big pieces of machinery. Intel document 3
Is my favorite document because it contains the Classified
information of one Joseph Evan Capelli.

Intel Document 9 Orick, California

Located Right before you're supposed to drop in the creek. It should
be in a cacoon at the back of the truck by one of the wheels. Don't
waste any ammo on this just Clock it with your gun a few times.
This intel Document is a Newspaper Welcoming the liberty defense

Intel Document 10 Orick, California

Located Right before the titan battle in the town square. It is in
the hotel you have to pass. You will find it beyond the radio in the
next room by the tricycle and television set. This intel Document
is a telegram talking about the spinner eggs found in Orick.

Intel Document 13 Twin Falls, Idaho

Located as soon as you exit the house. It will be at the passenger
front side of the blue car outside. This piece of intel is a
telegram talking about the assult on the attack of the north

Intel Document 12 Twin Falls, Idaho

Located in the Third house you must enter, the one you will have
to go through the basement. it should be In a doorway to the
left inside the parlor of the house. This one can be evasive
so be sure to have your flashlight on by pressing right on
the digital pad. this intel document is a handwritten
letter from Warner to his wife laura. (yes you are in
warners house)

Intel Document 11 Twin Falls, Idaho

Located right before you enter the diner at the main street battle.
You will find it right behind one of the military trucks in front
of the diner. this piece of intel is a newspaper with the
Headline "NOAH GRACE DEAD" (noah is the president...or was)

Intel Document 14 Bryce Canyon, Utah

Located After you kill the ravagers that bust out of the wall. when
drop down the ledge there will be a tent to your left. Inside is the
fourteenth Intel document containging and entry from Dr. Molikov's
Medical Research journal.

Intel Document 15 Bryce Canyon, Utah

Located when you are trying to evade the swarm for a second time.
It will be in the side hall when youre running away from him (it?)
The intel document is a shiny new briefcase laying next to a dead
soldier. It contains another entry from Dr. Malikov's Medical
Research journal.

Intel Document 16 (IS IT OVER YET?!) Bryce Canyon, Utah

Located right after you black out from seeing deadalus. When you
awake you will hear malikov talking about pure forms of chimera,
let him ramble and walk around while searching the floor of this
chamber area. It should be by a dead soldier. It contains
Information about "Jordan Shepard"

Intel Document 17 Chicago, Illinois

Located after you Shut down the Hellfire turrets and swim across
fury-less waters to meet up with 2 hybrids, kill them. Now head
into the building thats in front of you into one of the red
corridors. BUT heres the twist, the dead body its laying next
to is a bloody mess =D. This intel is a report showing how
unstable Capelli is.

Intel Document 18 Holar Tower, Iceland

Located after your first AAG charge plant. Follow the path into
the bunker and head down the chimera infested hallway. Kill
the ravager, steelhead, and hybrids and enter a locker room. It
Will be sitting on a bench in the last row of lockers. Another
pretty New shiny briefcase. it contains information on the
newly discovered "Grey Tech"

Intel Document 19 Cocodrie, Louisiana

Located when you're fighting the Mauderer. It is in the attic
of the plantation house laying next to, yep you guessed it, another
dead soldier. This intel contains information from Dr. Malikovs
personal journal.

Intel Document 20 (LAST ONE !!!!) Cocodrie, Louisiana

Located on the riverboat right before the last set of stairs in
one of the many rooms. Search and you will find it. It is a
letter from Malikov to Blake.

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Intel Locations
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