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 Cait Sith Bio

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PostSubject: Cait Sith Bio   Sat May 15, 2010 12:35 am

Cait Sith

Final Fantasy VII
Playable Character

(Contains Spoilers)
Cait Sith is a rather odd looking creature and is actually the cat riding on top of the Moogle which he uses for quick transport. He is working in the Gold Saucer as a fortune teller, which is where he meets Cloud for the first time.

Cait Sith offers to read Cloud's fortune but doesn't really appear to be very good at his job. At this third attempt, his fortune reads "What you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear". Intrigued by this fortune, Cait Sith manages to convince Cloud that he should join the party.

True Motives Disclosed

Upon returning to the Gold Saucer in search of the Keystone which is said to be held by Dio (the owner of the Gold Saucer), the tram system breaks down. Cait Sith arranges rooms for everyone at the Ghost Square and asks Cloud to fill him in on everything that's happened since the beginning.

During the night, Cait Sith sneaks out and swipes the Keystone, but he is spotted by Aeris and Cloud while they are on their date and a long chase through the Gold Saucer ensues. They can't catch him in time though, and he manages to deliver the Keystone to Tseng. I'm A Spy - Get Used To It

Now that the game is up, Cait Sith tells the truth about why he has really been tagging along with the group - he's a ShinRa spy! His real body is back in the ShinRa building in Midgar and Cait Sith is just a puppet. Despite these admissions though, he wants to continue along with the group.

Obviously Cloud and Aeris protest about this as he can't be trusted. Realising that they won't let him tag along of their own free will, Cait Sith announces that he's kidnapped Marlene Wallace and that if they don't co-operate, bad things will happen.

Hi, I'm Cait Sith 2

After telling the party that they should head to the Temple of the Ancients next, Cait Sith redeems himself slightly by being a key factor into the acquisition of the Black Materia.

Using the PHS, he contacts them to tell them that because his body is expendable, he can complete the puzzles inside the temple. Cloud has no option but to trust Cait Sith - an option which proves to the be the correct one, even though Cloud probably doesn't realise it afterwards.

Cait Sith 2 arrives to see Cloud losing his mind and decides that it's probably not the best time for formal introductions.
On The Road To Redemption

When Barret and Tifa are to be executed by ShinRa, Cait Sith gets wind of the plans and organises an escape. He dresses up as a fat man, who is there to enjoy the spectacle. Using this ploy, he manages to use sleeping gas on Scarlet, allowing him to free Barret. Unfortunately though, they can't free Tifa, so Cait Sith comes up with another plan.

The plan involves Cait Sith leading Barret through the streets of Junon where they eventually end up at the Highwind, which the rest of the group has taken over. They then use this to save Tifa from the end of the Sister Ray.

A Change Of Heart

Following the things he has seen, Cait Sith reverses roles and acts as a spy for his new friends. Using his position in the ShinRa hierarchy, Cait Sith lets them listen in on ShinRa Executive meetings, so they can hear what ShinRa are plotting to do.

Just before the final confrontation with Sephiroth, Cait Sith informs everyone that he has told the citizens of Midgar to take refuge in the Slums with the hope that it will offer some kind of protection from Meteor.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Minor Character

(^Top) Now without his trusty Mog body to carry him around, Cait Sith comes to the aid of his old comrades by riding on the back of Red XIII. It is from here that he helps them to defeat the menacing Bahamut SIN.

Towards the end of the film, Cait Sith has swapped carriers and is no longer residing on the back of Red XIII. Instead, he is being carried by Marlene Wallace!

Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
Minor Character

(^Top) Cait Sith has his first incarnation in Before Crisis as he appears as a prototype model. He aids the Turks in the last few chapters of the game by reading their fortunes, amongst other things.

One of the fortunes he tells states that an important Support Materia (Zirconiade) can be found in Gongaga. He then works alongside the Turks to try and find this valuable Materia.

Because of his exploits, Tseng decides that Cait Sith could be used as a piece of intelligence gathering equipment in the future. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
DMW Summon

(^Top) Cait Sith's role in Crisis Core is rather unorthodox as he only appears as part of the Digital Mind Wave system. After obtaining Cait Sith's Megaphone, he then appears as part of Zack Fair's DMW system.

The move that Cait Sith offers Zack is called Courage Boost and it grants a large number of positive status effects to Zack.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Temporarily Playable Character

Although Cait Sith is actually the only other playable character to appear in Dirge of Cerberus, his role in the game is still relatively minor. The first of these minor appearances comes at the start of the game, when Cait Sith is seen in Kalm during DeepGround's assault.

Cait Sith's major involvement in Dirge of Cerberus comes when the player takes control of him for a one-off reconnaissance mission in the No. 0 Mako Reactor. The player isn't allowed to engage in combat, because Cait Sith is so weak and fragile, so stealth is of the highest priority. During the mission, Cait Sith discovers what DeepGround are doing with all the people they have kidnapped and is horrified.

By the end of the game, we learn that Cait Sith has now been dismantled 6 times, as the current Cait Sith is Cait Sith 7.

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Cait Sith Bio
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